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almost 5 years ago

Rescource Update


Hi everyone!

We’re adding resources in response to some inquiries.


We’ll make available in our Slack channel and GitHub a list of HTML tagged publication content exported into excel, as seen at the bottom of some object pages on  The list contains ObjectIDs and object numbers.  Many objects have more than one publication.  You can use ObjectID as a key to link this content to the API data that you might be using.


Also coming soon to GitHub and Slack, two export csv files listing all the audio tour stops and the tour types.


A couple of you mentioned using our social tags as part of your projects by adding new tags.  While you’re welcome to use what’s there, we don’t advise depending on your live additions to that content.  Other users can add and edit these just as you can—they are not constant.  In addition, as we announced at the first HackLab, web content, and therefore the API, is updated weekly on a normal schedule.  This month is not a normal schedule for us.  A number of key staff are out at the moment preventing an update.  Also, think critically about how you use the tags, and remember you will be judged on both technical difficulty and originality.


If you are not part of the Slack channel yet, please email


Good luck!